Three machines in one

PL 1200

The painting system combines a dyeing aggregate, a support station
and a washing machine in smooth harmony.

What makes this machine unique

Up to 5 painting heads

We have added two more working heads so, now you are able to use a total of five different colours instead of the previous 3. However, the machine is even more compact, with smaller dimensions than the PL1000.

Washing machine

Gives a perfect finish to the edge painting system by being able to remove even the smallest imperfections resulting from the edge painting process.

Made of specially developed material to last the most amount of time so that it does not have to be changed frequently and at the same time has perfect absorption.

Size doesn't matter

Due to its more compact dimensions, the PL1200 becomes an indispensable tool in the work of any production that needs a machine for perfect edge painting. With or without the cleaning unit, the dimensions are suitable for placing the machine on the PL2000 table or anywhere else without taking up much of the work space.

Total width of the machine: 380mm

Length: 550mm

Height: 350mm

Engineered to make easier your process

With all its high-end technology built into its attractive, compact and comfortable design, you will reach the maximum of your needs in the edge dyeing process.

Auto start

Whether it is the station or the workstation, the drive motors are only activated when a head is placed in the designated location. This is possible due to the presence of a special sensor that recognizes whether a head is attached or not. If there is none, the motor remains switched off.

Fast change

Due to the patented principle of operation, namely non-contact drive with the help of magnets, the change of heads, i.e. the change of colour takes place within seconds.

Compatible with PL2000

Based on the dimensions of the machine it makes it very comfortable to work with and also using in on PL2000.

Which one is right for you?

Tough Choice? Let’s compare these models so you could select the most suitable design for you. Technical characteristics are also available at your service!


Adjustable workplace - painting area is in the range of 240mm

Up to three painting heads with adjustable shaft

Additional lighting, using the USB input to charge the lamp

Connect any Blue Planet Line series machine to the USB input


Smaller size than PL1000

Up to five painting heads

Not adjustable workplace

Additional lighting, using the USB input to charge the lamp

Connect any Blue Planet Line series machine to the USB input

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can order both PL1000 and PL1200 without it being a complete set. As our machines are created on a modular basis, you could order both a complete set and individual modules – PL1000 and/or PL1200 with only one head and/or without washer. There are many configurations and it is up to you which one you choose.

Yes, the heads are absolutely adaptable to all paint machines (PL1000, PL1200, PL1310), so depending on your needs, you could make a combination of two types of heads or choose only one if you have a preference for one of the two the species.

Yes, you can order the machine with a long shaft (90mm) or order it with the standard one (45mm) and then buy a long shaft and use them on the same head. Keep in mind that when you want to change from one shaft to another, you must change not only the shaft, but also the regulator and the cap.

No, as the vertical head can only be used with the standard shaft (45mm)

With an 8-hour working day, the water must be changed at least once a day. When changing from dark to light paint, it is recommended to change the water more often, so as not to stain the light part to be painted.

Depending on its use, it would be to change it once a week.

No, there is no difference as the same paint heads are used.

Yes, all consumables that are mainly in the cleaning unit must be replaced according to the instructions in the “USER MANUAL”. The distributor responsible for your area can also give you exact information about this. In case you cannot find your way and/or there is no distributor responsible for your area, please write to and we will make sure to answer you as soon as possible or call one of the phone numbers listed on the site.

Yes, we highly recommend as this way you will extend its life and not compromise its functions.

Heads should be cleaned daily and/or at each paint world change. It is very important to clean them very thoroughly, according to the instructions that you can see on our site in the section – “Media”

No, it can only be used with ordinary tap water. Not only should it not, it is contraindicated to use anything else, as the use of chemicals could damage and/or shorten the life of the parts in the cleaning unit.

Yes, as long as the temperature does not exceed 45 degrees and the PH does not exceed 10.5

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The painting system combines a dyeing aggregate, a support station and a washing machine in smooth harmony.