Configuration PL 1000

The PL 1000 system is designed so that the initial configuration can be minimal and can be expanded at any time with the available optional modules.
In this way, the customer can optimize costs with a minimum initial investment for configuration for what is most needed at the moment and subsequently expanded with the offered options. These options are:

  • Cleaning machine
  • A workplace with a lift for painting head
  • Support station for painting heads
  • Painting heads horizontal/vertical
  • Maintenance container
  • LED lighting

  • Working with paints different on viscosity

    This video is intended to advice how to work with the painting head using liquids with different viscosity.

     To ensure normal operation with the standard head, it is sufficient to adjust the tilt of the head by means of the movable legs of the machine depending on the viscosity of the paint. For thicker paints, the slope should be significantly larger, and for paints with low viscosity, the slope of the paint head could be small. In all the cases the angle of the painting shaft to the horizontal level should be at least 5 degrees.

    Assembling of the
    dyeing head

    Work example of the
    dyeing head

    Cleaning of the
    dyeing head

    Cleaning module improvements

    Installation of the protective container

    Mounting of the cleaning module's base

    Adjustment of the cleaning module

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