Configuration PL 1000

The PL 1000 system is designed so that the initial configuration can be minimal and can be expanded at any time with the available optional modules.
In this way, the customer can optimize costs with a minimum initial investment for configuration for what is most needed at the moment and subsequently expanded with the offered options. These options are:

  • Cleaning machine
  • A workplace with a lift for painting head
  • Support station for painting heads
  • Painting heads horizontal/vertical
  • Maintenance container
  • LED lighting

  • Adjusting the paint layer properties

    This video is intended to advice how to adjust the important properties of the paint film – equality along the painting shaft as well as overal thickness of the paint layer.

    This operation is normaly not needed after purchase of the machine. In some specific cases, dependent on the painted work pieces and assemblies the change of a specific property could be useful.

    Needed tools, basic principle of the adjustment procedure, as well as an example of the right sequence could be seen in the video.



    Assembling of the
    dyeing head

    Work example of the
    dyeing head

    Cleaning of the
    dyeing head

    Mounting of a cleaning belt       

    Work example long strips – left hand, right hand

    Long painting shaft – option     

    Cleaning module improvements

    Installation of the protective container

    Mounting of the cleaning module's base

    Adjustment of the cleaning module

    Documentation download PL1000

    Documentation download PL2000