Painting heads

Patented revolutionary technology for the dyeing of edges and finished products




when adjusting the amount of paint

The only machine that allows adjusting the amount of paint in ten steps, each of which is 0.075 mm and the total turnover from 0 to 10 is 0.75 mm.



in one motion

A special container gripping system does not require any additional intervention from the operator.

Don't stop your


if you don't need to

Due to the design of the head, namely the possibility of tightly closing the cap and due to the constant rotation of the shaft, the paint does not dry or evaporate.

“Work all day long without the need to clean any of the three heads”

Fast and easy


of the heads

The number of parts in the working head is eight. This allows for quick and easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning of individual components at the end of the day.

All your


are covered

The developed two heads allow painting of 100% of the details in one production. A horizontal and a vertical heads.



based on your needs

Rollered and smooth shaft with two sizes, 45mm and 90mm. The advantage of the smooth shaft – applies more paint than the knurled roller.

There is no limit,
for our machines
paint all angles