Our machines are crucial
for the fashion-leather industry



PL Project has many years of experience during which the company has registered a number of patents for its innovative machines and aggregates. PL project is the creation of 55 years old factory for the production of bags – Prolet Ltd, one of the world’s most renowned brands. Because of this, PL PROJECT gives the possibility for all machines produced can be tested in a real production process before being put on sale. The tests are carried out in the production premises of “Prolet” Ltd. and any deficiencies and further suggestions are reflected in the next version of the machine before it is put into regular production. In this way, the machines produced by “PL project” are not only innovative as technology but are also maximally “user friendly” and reliable. In 2016, the engineering unit was transformed into a separate company “PL project” as part of the group of companies of “Prolet” Ltd, which took over all the engineering and development activities.



Our company’s task was to create automated systems and machines for the leather-haberdashery industry that are not available on the European and world markets. Under this program, engineers and programmers working at the “Prolet” factory began to create entirely innovative products such as automated dyeing, spraying and drying units for leather details, automated production lines, including contactless transport carts for blanks and other machines and software for the leather- haberdashery industry.

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Plamen Tzonev


An outstanding engineer, capable entrepreneur, innovator, and inventor. A man dedicated to his work, he has achieved success in the field of engineering, production, and the creation of patented innovations.

Lyubomir Borisov

Technical director

Our leading engineer with PhD in engineering science. Overseas management and development of all processes for development and production. Lyubomir focuses predominantly on designing and producing electric drive systems and production automation.

Ivaylo Grahovski

Sales & Marketing director

Specialist in marketing and sales with more than 10 years of experience. Over the last decade, has focused on the production of leather goods and accessories. Believes that the most important thing is not what the company wants, but what the client needs.

Desislava Vitanska

Head of administration

Desislava is the administrative manager. Highly valued for her organizational qualities as a professional and last but not least for her dedication and passion for what she does.