Who we are

“PL Project Ltd.” started its activity in 2004 as a development-engineering unit for one of the biggest European factories for production of ladies handbags “Prolet Ltd.”

Our company’s task was to create automated systems and machines for the leather-haberdashery industry that are not available on the European and world markets.

Under this program, engineers and programmers working at the “Prolet Ltd.”  began to create entirely innovative products such as automated dyeing, spraying and drying units for leather details, automated production lines, including contactless transport carts for blanks and other machines and software for the leather-haberdashery industry.

In 2016, the engineering unit was transformed into a separate company “PL project Ltd.” as part of the group of companies of “Prolet Ltd.”, which took over all the engineering and development activities.

For its many years of experience, the company has registered a number of patents for its innovative machines and aggregates. The huge advantage of “PL project Ltd.” is the possibility that all produced machines can be tested in real production before being put on sale given the fact that the engineering company was created by 55 years old factory for production of bags “Prolet Ltd.”, one of the world’s most renowned brands.

PL Project at Simac Tanning Tech, Milan

The main directions in

which the company “Pl project Ltd.” works

Are As Follows

Robotic aggregates and machines for painting the edges of leather details.
Robotic aggregates and machines for spraying glue.
Robotic aggregates for drying details.
Automated Intraway Vehicle Transport Systems / Transport Lines / to transport billets from one workstation to another.
Other machines and aggregates such as: rotary presses, PVC bending machines, polyethylene, plexiglass and other materials.
Technical vision and image recognition systems.
Software products – ERP systems for managing large production structures in the leather and haberdashery industry, information security systems as well as access and registration systems.
Professional work and quality products.